What happens at a church service?

Church is people, not a place. We gather together each week as people with real lives, learning and trying together to follow Jesus. We praise Jesus, read the Bible, and share communion together. Come and see what this Jesus thing is all about.

What about my kids?

We love kids! Bring ’em along and know that we offer a safe, fun environment for them. We have Canvas Kids during both services from nursery to 5th grade. Middle and High School students are encouraged to attend services and attend our Canvas Core student ministry at 1 pm on Sundays at our studio location (662 N. Loudoun Street).

What should I wear?

Wear something. We all know there are unspoken norms for different social spaces: if you go to the beach, you wear a swimsuit; the corporate office, a suit & tie. Most of us come casually dressed, but wear whatever. Seriously. Oh, and don’t feel like you have to wear a mask, either. In fact, we discourage it. At Canvas Church, no perfect people are allowed.

I don’t believe in God; am I still welcome?

Absolutely! We’re all on a spiritual journey. Bring your questions, objections & doubts and here at Canvas you’ll find a safe, welcoming community.

What denomination are you?

Canvas is an independent church. Feel free to check out our beliefs, too.

Is this some sort of cult?

Uh, no. We encourage critical thought and find that the more we follow Jesus, the more freedom and grace we experience.